8 Things That You Didnt Know MIGHT LEAD TO Cancer Our bodies are continuously subjected to germs.

PABA and oxybenzone have been linked in some research to cell damage that can result in cancer cell development. #7 Antibacterial Products: Triclosan is trusted in soaps, lotions, washing supplies and a variety of consumer products. However, triclosan is chemically identical to a dioxin that can act as an endocrine disrupting chemical. EDC’s can disrupt hormonal function and result in cell damage. #8 Alcohol: Alcohol alone is not characterized as a carcinogen. However, it features as a co-carcinogen which can enhance the dangerous influence of other carcinogens in your body., a respected China-based biotechnology company focused on researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing biopharmaceutical products, announced that’s has acquired worldwide privileges of pegsiticase for all indications from EnzymeRx for a total consideration of US$6.25 million. Pegsiticase can be a pegylated recombinant uricase produced from Candida utilis, altered by the attachment of multiple 20 kilodalton molecules of polyethylene glycol , and has been developed for the treating refractory gout and tumor lysis syndrome. It has been shown to profoundly lower the crystals when administered as by intravenous infusion and intramuscular injection, and was safe and well-tolerated in a set of recent phase I clinical research sponsored by EnzymeRx.