A Call to Action: from personal responsibility to global empowerment Dr.

Consequently, Mansukh Patel brings insights of his personal to the presentation of the 7 greatest pitfalls that that societies can are categorized as. Mansukh Patel, Savitri MacCuish and Andrew Wells use these to expound specific solutions for those who wish to help create a better world. The 7 pitfalls: 1.Pleasure without Conscience 2.Knowledge without Character 3.Wealth without Work 4.Politics without Principles 5.Religion without Sacrifice 6.Science without Humanity 7.Commerce without Morality 1.A Look At Green-Lipped Mussels And Their HEALTH ADVANTAGES The increasing interest of consumers to alternative and contemporary medication has placed the green-lipped mussels in the limelight. The green-lipped mussel, or perna canaliculus, is usually a bivalve mollusk that’s that’s endemic to New Zealand and sometimes appears mainly beneath the intertidal zone at a depth of around 33 feet. It is not the same as other mussel species in that it has green or brownish shells with brown marks. All variants have a distinctive green lip around the internal advantage of the shell, which explains the name. This bivalve mollusk is definitely reported to have curing benefits. Great things about Green Lipped Mussel Extract In the sixties, researchers from america of America and Great Britain carried out tests to discover if this kind of mussel could be a remedy for cancer.