A glance at how health plan positions could be politically sold.

A glance at how health plan positions could be politically sold, accurate or not Marketing experts tackle health policy messaging, as the president campaigns for an ally and information organizations fact-check political promises viagra naturel pour femme . The New York Occasions: Wooing Swing Voters, Both Celebrations Wary Of Overemphasizing HEALTHCARE Leaders in both parties acknowledge that the ruling offers thrown a wrench into their campaigns for control of the House and the Senate. Home Republicans have scheduled another vote in a few days to try to repeal the law. NPR: Ohio Senator Vulnerable For Health Legislation Support President Obama hits the marketing campaign trail Thursday with a bus tour in Ohio.

In these experiments, the Michigan researchers applied their coating to microelectrodes supplied by the U-M Center for Neural Communication Technology.. A nanotech coating for brain implants Biomedical and materials engineers at the University of Michigan have developed a nanotech coating for brain implants that helps the devices operate longer and could improve treatment for deafness, paralysis, blindness, epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. Currently, human brain implants can treat Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and depression. These and the next generation of the products operate in another of two ways. Either they stimulate neurons with electrical impulses to override the brain’s own indicators, or they record what functioning neurons are transmitting to nonworking parts of the mind and reroute that transmission.