A provocative research found.

Abstinence-only program shows success in reducing teen sex ‘An experimental abstinence-only program with out a moralistic tone can delay teenagers from having sex, a provocative research found,’ The Associated Press reviews. ‘Billed as the first rigorous research showing long-term achievement with an abstinence-only strategy, the study differed from traditional applications that have lost federal and state support recently.’ Rather, the classes ‘included assignments to help sixth – and 7th graders see the disadvantages to sexual activity at their age More information here .’ The study divided the college students into four groups. One group received eight abstinence-just classes, another group acquired general healthy behavior guidelines and the other two groups had either safe-sex classes or a curriculum that mixed abstinence and safe sex content.

The Associated Press: AP Interview: Obama On Romney’s ‘Extreme’ Sights Obama alluded to the provocative problem of abortion, instantly thrust to the fore this week when Republican Missouri Senate applicant Todd Akin stated the female body includes a method to shut that whole thing down whenever a woman may be the victim of legitimate rape. The Republican system in Tampa calls for a ban on abortion with no particular exceptions for rape or various other circumstances. Obama predicted a President Romney wouldn’t normally stand in the manner if Congress provided him a costs that stripped aside women’s control over their reproductive wellness. Romney can be on record, however, as not really opposing abortion in cases of rape and incest or if it will save the mother’s existence .