A vertebral compression fracture forces a vertebra to collapse.

Mackenzie added that the business also offers a 510 submission pending FDA clearance for its Ascendx VCF Fix System in 2011. A 60-individual, multicenter U.S. Scientific trial has been effectively completed.. AOI Medical receives ISO 13485 Certification and CE marking acceptance for just two VCF devices AOI Medical, Inc. A vertebral compression fracture forces a vertebra to collapse, and the spinal column above it to assume an irregular forward curve, resulting in considerable back discomfort and a hunchbacked appearance. Current standard methods for treating VCFs are ‘vertebroplasty’ and ‘kyphoplasty.’ The Ascendx VCF Repair System and the Ascendx Acu-Cut Augmentation System are designed for the treating spinal fractures by spine surgeons and interventional radiologists, stated Julian M.Communities near 2,4-D-resistant corn and soybean fields would be subjected to eight times even more 2, 4-D than is the case now, according to the USDA, and greater amounts even, relating to independent estimates. Americans’ exposure to this toxic herbicide would soar. The record counts 5,609 academic institutions found within just 200 feet of fields that would quickly [be] blanketed with substantial quantities of Enlist Duo. A map showing the number of institutions by county is seen right here: API.Tiles.MapBox.com. Health advocates have reason to be worried. Roundup has been linked to severe toxicological symptoms in human beings and other animals, and 2,4-D is notorious in its right.