AARP poll: Iowa.

MSNBC: AARP SURVEY: According To A Study By AARP, Older Iowans Are Against Producing Cuts To Sociable Security And Medicare TO BE ABLE TO Cut The Nation’s Deficit A study by the AARP, the largest lobbying group for older Americans, displays Iowans are against reducing Sociable Security and Medicare benefits to reduce the federal deficit. AARP polled 400 most likely Republican caucus goers. Sixty-five-% said they oppose the cuts. The majority of those polled also state they prefer withdrawing troops from Iraq and Afghanistan to save lots of money, than cutting Medicare or Social Security rather. AARP’s Iowa State President Tony Vola says, ‘What the survey highlights is that there’s a significant disconnect between Washington and the Republican caucus-goers in Iowa, who will be vital in determining the next Republican presidential nominee,’ .17) Monsanto: Glyphosate is normally perfectly safe for individual intake and has zero harmful impacts on the environment. 18) British Petroleum: We totally cleaned up the Gulf coast of florida. What dolphins? We thought those were greasy ocean otters. 19) The FDA: The psychiatric drugging of kids helps kids become healthier. 20) The American Oral Association: Mercury is awesome! When we drill it into the mouth area Especially. 21) Vaccine manufacturers: What mercury? 22) The USDA: Every GMO crop the biotech industry arises with is totally safe for open-field planting! 23) Every liberal media outlet: Everything is so screwed up by big government that the only reply is BIGGER government! 24) Children’s hospitals: We are kidnapping your kids and forcing them to endure chemotherapy because we realize better than you perform what’s good for them.