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Methods Study Population We conducted the scholarly research at the Hall Health Major Care Center, an outpatient clinic at the University of Washington, Seattle, and at the Clinical Research Unit at the University of Miami, Miami. Females were eligible if they were between the age groups of 18 and 49 years, were in good health and wellness, and had had normal symptoms of cystitis for 7 days or less. The ethics committees at the University of Washington and the University of Miami approved the analysis, and all participants provided written informed consent.Acai originates from the forests of Brazil, and because it is a high yield low influence crop, it could be responsibly and sustainably produced also. The acai berry itself is made up of around 90 % stone and 10 per cent fruit and is normally a vivid purple / blue. The fruit degrades quickly, however, so that it is definitely freeze dried and kept for make use of in acai juice usually, smoothies and a variety of other fruit based products. There are of course lots of additional exotic fruits who also enjoy the title of ‘superfruit’. Some that you might not have heard of before can include gac from Southeast Asia, the Indian gooseberry and the Barbados cherry; whilst others arranged to come quickly to a supermarket near you in the baobab become included by the future and the borojo ..