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And up to a third of sufferers report moderate stress at the prospect of oral treatment, studies also show. The authors bottom their findings on 16 women and four men from eight dental practice lists. Each of the patients was or incredibly anxious about likely to the dental practitioner for treatment moderately, as assessed by a validated questionnaire – the Back Anxiousness Inventory . Related StoriesAcupuncture: A practical treatment for breast cancers survivors experiencing sizzling flashesLoyola doctor provides tips to alleviate back-to-school nervousness in childrenStudy describes effective intervention to diminish breast cancer screening anxietyAll were in their 40s and have been trying to deal with this issue for between two and 30 years.Larger research will be needed to determine tolerability and efficiency. And we be prepared to find many interesting things along the road, for instance whether this drug can work better in those with Fragile X who’ve autism than in those whose autism is certainly from an unfamiliar cause. In November 2010 Dr. Erickson and co-workers reported in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders on the first trial of acamprosate in adults with Fragile X syndrome and autism. In the three individuals studied, acamprosate was associated with improved linguistic skills.