Aeterna Zentaris announces perifosine Stage 1 trial on neuroblastoma Aeterna Zentaris Inc.

The Study This was an open-label dose-escalating Stage 1 trial to assess toxicity and efficacy of perifosine, given in monotherapy to patients with neuroblastoma . Disease evaluation was every 8 weeks.7 years and a median disease duration of 4.6 years . Three patients were treated for neuroblastoma refractory to major therapy, and 21 for neuroblastoma resistant to salvage therapy after 1 to 5 prior relapses. Prior therapy included high-dose conventional induction and 2nd range chemotherapy ; myeloablative chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation and/or targeted radiotherapy with I-131-MIBG .Corrections officials estimate that as much as 3,750 prisoners in the condition possess hepatitis C, a life-threatening blood-borne infection that’s associated with tainted needles. Chronic hepatitis C, categorised as a ‘silent disease,’ causes cirrhosis and requires a liver transplant. Illinois routinely displays inmates for hepatitis C when they are admitted to prison, unless they refuse. The local newspaper reports Sovaldi will cost state taxpayers $61 million if only one third of prisoners with hepatitis C receive the drug, compared with current treatment costs of $8 million.