AGA Research Basis receives grant for gastroenterology research Today.

This grant to the AGA Research Foundation endowment funds discoveries and research in gastroenterology, and supports young investigators across the United States. The AGA Research Basis provides study grants to investigators in gastroenterology and hepatology. The foundation's grants transform young researchers' lives by encouraging them to embark on and continue careers in research. Many make discoveries that improve patient care ultimately. Since 1984, the AGA has funded a lot more than 700 scientists. Related StoriesIngenza and Imperial researchers work together to improve nasogastric feeding tube placementPCSG marketing campaign highlights significance of family members doctors in early gastroenterological tumor diagnosisExpectant mothers encouraged to consume balanced diet to lessen obesity risk in unborn child ‘We are proud to play a role in young investigators' ongoing study to better understand GI conditions and find innovative methods to helping people,’ stated Loren Laine , MD, AGAF, president of the AGA Institute.U of A psychology professor Clayton Dickson likened the procedure to someone trying to completely memorize a telephone number, We repeat the quantity several times to ourselves, therefore hopefully we can recall it when needed immediately. Dickson, the business lead researcher on the task, says that neurons most likely rehearse the process for recalling newly installed memories by using the brain’s downtime to send and resend signals backwards and forwards, establishing well practiced synaptic connections. Those connections permit the human brain to retrieve the recollections and rehearsal means that they last for a long time, said Dickson. It had been previously thought that just biochemical processes like proteins synthesis were important for solidifying thoughts Dickson says further investigation of the process could be utilized to improve an individual’s memory and possibly as an instrument to delete detrimental or post traumatic thoughts.