Agent orange chemical.

A unique feature of this TCDD-induced signaling is that it does not involve the actions of AhR but happens through increased calcium levels in cells and activation of calcium responsive factors. A net result of signaling cascade is slowing down of cellular apoptosis, improved cell proliferation and tumor cell metastasis. Taken together, this scholarly research describes a novel mechanism of TCDD-induced tumor progression and emergence of metastatic cancer cells. TCDD may be the most toxic compound in the dioxin family. Formed simply because a by-product during waste incineration, paper, chemical and pesticide manufacturing, it was the toxic ingredient in Agent Orange and shut the Love Canal in Niagara Falls.Langer, a pioneer in cells recipient and engineering of The Economist 2012 Advancement Award in Bioscience.

ADHD Medications Cause Hallucinations in Children; Psychiatry Pushes Hallucinogenic Medicines for Profit New research published in the journal Pediatrics reveals that the ADHD medicines prescribed to an incredible number of kids are causing them to experience frightening hallucinations. Kids on these medicines hallucinated that bugs and snakes were crawling all over them, says Reuters, and some children taking the drugs experience other bizarre psychotic unwanted effects such as for example thinking they ran right into a wall structure and falling to the ground even though no wall was present.