AJC: Hospital execs pay out raises eyebrows In other news.

AJC: Hospital execs pay out raises eyebrows In other news, The Boston World reports that Quincy Hospital has declared bankruptcy just days after its trustees approved a deal for the facility to be acquired by Steward Health Care System. Atlanta Journal Constitution: Hospital CEO Pay Offers Some Ill At Ease Hospitals across the region are cutting staff, elected officials are thinking about slashing Medicaid and Medicare funding and medical bills are driving an increasing number of Georgians into bankruptcy. Doctors and nurses confer at Grady Memorial Hospital’s Marcus Stroke & Neuroscience Center. Grady’s former CEO Michael Young, in June who left the hospital, made $833,646 in ’09 2009.Fragile X syndrome may be the most common inherited form of developmental disability. Fragile X syndrome is normally inherited from a carrier mother or father, most the mother frequently. Up to two thirds of individuals with Fragile X syndrome display proof autism spectrum disorders. ‘Dr. Erickson’s research and function in this area is unique. The Indiana University Analysis and Technology Company has requested a make use of patent because, while we are far from definitive treatment and understanding, as early data is certainly acquired, we believe this drug has actual potential as a therapy for both children and adults with autism,’ said Bradley Fravel, Ph.D., MBA, an IURTC senior technology manager.