Alere to showcase its Apollo integrated health administration system at medical 2.

‘Helping people make meaningful changes in healthcare behavior is critical to your national effort to lessen the cost of persistent disease and assisting people live better through improved health position,’ notes Ron Geraty, CEO of Alere. ‘The Alere demonstration will show how Alere’s personal wellness support system leverages technology and a person-centric care model to greatly help participants consider charge of their wellness. For example, when users complete a health risk assessment , they’ll be given information on particular interventions or programs that may address identified needs, from weight reduction to smoking cessation to stress management. The Apollo system also assists clinicians who are monitoring sufferers’ biometrics remotely via in-home monitors and will provide alerts to treatment managers.But he agreed that only time will show if resveratrol might help slow the dementia process. Scientists first became thinking about resveratrol while an Alzheimer’s therapy based on ‘calorie restriction’ study, Turner said. In animals, reduced-calorie diets appear to stall the effects of aging and increase longevity – – at least partly because calorie restriction boosts activity in a gene called SIRT1. As it happens that resveratrol also activates SIRT1. ‘So resveratrol essentially mimics calorie restriction,’ Turner said. But only small amounts of organic resveratrol from food in fact become ‘bioavailable’ in our body.