AMGA survey Doctor turnover prices have increased since 2008 As the overall economy perks up.

Medical groups are actively addressing the requirements of physicians throughout their careers, offering mentoring and leadership opportunities, and flexible work options. Medical groups can plan increased turnover by identifying key demographics where turnover rates are the highest, and find ways to address the reason for turnover at its source, stated Lori Schutte, President, Cejka Search. In the past five years, we have seen turnover rates consistently trending higher for youthful, full-time female doctors and pre-retirement male doctors. Offering flexible work options could be effective in retaining a strong physician workforce and investing in the retention of doctors at all stages of their careers can pay long-term dividends for medical groups.Hispanics accounted for 15 % of the nation’s people in 2007, but 32 % of the country’s uninsured.. Abbott receives FDA approval for new Chagas assay The U.S. Today approved the first test for use as an additional Food and Drug Administration, more specific check on human being serum or plasma specimens found to be positive for antibodies to Trypanosoma cruzi . T. Cruzi causes Chagas disease, a significant and possibly fatal parasitic infection.The test, called the ABBOTT ESA Chagas [Trypanosoma cruzi Antigen], is an in vitro enzyme strip assay for the qualitative recognition of antibodies to T.