And muscle tissue.

By increasing muscle mass there exists a corresponding decrease in excess fat mass and improvements in metabolic function.. Acceleron’s Phase 1 trial of ACE-031 reveals its potential in treating neuromuscular diseases Acceleron Pharma, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics that modulate the growth of tissues and cells including crimson blood cells, bone, and muscle tissue, today announced preliminary outcomes from the ACE-031 Phase 1 single dose medical trial demonstrating that ACE-031 increased lean muscle and muscle volume. The results from this randomized, placebo-controlled study were provided at the 14th International Congress of the World Muscle mass Society in Geneva, Switzerland.D., Chief Medical Officer at Acceleron.2 percent decrease in lean muscle at day 57 compared to a 2.4 percent increase in subjects receiving 1 mg/kg ACE-031 and a 2.6 percent increase in subjects receiving 3 mg/kg ACE-031 Subjects given single doses of placebo acquired a 0.2 percent reduction in muscle volume assessed by MRI at day 29 compared to a 3.D., Chief Executive Officer of Acceleron.‘Two thirds of patients were accompanied by law enforcement on arrival, and the majority needed physical restraint to enable the administration of sedative medicines. Related StoriesReducing protocol period for 96-well PCR AssaysArtemisinin and the fight malaria: an interview with Dr. Robert Sebbag, SanofiExpanded make use of for IntelliCap with further CE Tag for aspiration of fluids’This study addresses a significant therapeutic area in which there are limited released data.’ The median period to adequate sedation was 10 minutes for patients given a saline control accompanied by incremental intravenous midazolam boluses .