AP: School Drinking Water Unsafe During the last decade.

Schools with unsafe drinking water represent only a small %age of the country’s 132,500 schools. And the EPA says the number of violations spiked during the last decade largely because the government has steadily adopted stricter specifications for contaminants such as arsenic plus some disinfectants. Most of the same toxins could also be found in water at homes, offices and businesses. But the contaminants are dangerous to children especially, who drink more drinking water per pound than adults and so are more vulnerable to the consequences of several hazardous substances.The estimates considerably vary, but that is to be expected, since both populations studied and the final end points reported were diverse. The relevance of our findings to a woman receiving radiotherapy for breast cancer today is that they be able to estimate her absolute threat of radiation-related ischemic cardiovascular disease. This complete risk could be weighed against the probable total reduction in her threat of recurrence or loss of life from breast malignancy that would be achieved with radiotherapy.2 The %age increases in risk per unit upsurge in the mean dosage of radiation to the heart are identical for females with and women without preexisting cardiac risk factors.