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National health statistics show that pediatric ear, nose, and throat disorders remain among the principal reasons children search for a doctor, with ear attacks ranking as the number one reason for a scheduled appointment. New analysis topics to be shown at the ASPO meeting include: Related Tales3D printed model of fetus encounter helps determine life-threatening airway mass in unborn childNew computer program can predict cochlear implant outcomes in hearing-impaired childrenUT Southwestern surgeons help pioneer minimally invasive ear surgeryCochlear implants in kids Obstructive sleep apnea in children Pediatric airway and voice problems Management of neck and sinus disease Problems of otitis mass media COSM typically attracts more than 1,200 otolaryngologist – head and neck surgeons.Lack of ARID1A expression was also specific to the subtype of ovarian cancer, with lack of nuclear BAF250a expression seen in 36 percent of ovarian clear-cell carcinomas and endometrioid carcinomas, but only 1 percent of high-quality serous carcinomas. Our preliminary mutation-screening assays concerning RNA sequencing in the discovery cohort determined seven somatic mutations in ARID1A in the 19 samples; four extra mutations were subsequently determined when these samples had been analyzed through amplicon-exon resequencing. Therefore, although RNA sequencing is certainly a good tool for discovery, targeted exon resequencing may be more appropriate for the perseverance of true mutation frequency.