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McClellan. We encourage everyone to keep using the website and 1-800-MEDICARE so that we can ensure that those individuals with the best need are registering for a Medicare authorized prescription drug card and the $600 credit. The CMS record can be found at.. $600 credit and special discounts help low income Medicare beneficiaries Seven million Medicare beneficiaries who are eligible for low-income transitional assistance and additional discounts can see large savings in their prescription drugs through their Medicare-Approved Medication Low cost Cards.Results from 68 weeks of treatment with HUMIRA will be shown, highlighting not only the initial scientific responses in the 12-week, placebo-controlled trial, but the responses over an additional year of treatment also. June These data will be presented as a poster on 7. The initial results shall be presented from Capability-2, the first Phase 3 study investigating the use of an anti-TNF medication in patients with active peripheral SpA that don’t have a analysis of psoriatic arthritis . This patient populace is characterized by peripheral arthritis , enthesitis or dactylitis , in addition to the presence of additional features . There happens to be no authorized treatment for non-PsA peripheral SpA.