But supplies are jogging low dangerously.

.. 28 cancer medications in short supply dangerously Thousands of kids with leukemia count on a specific drug to survive. But supplies are jogging low dangerously. In many cases, doctors have enough for only three weeks. CBS Information correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook looked into what’s behind the shortage – – and what’s being performed about it. Even though 8-month-previous Elena Schoneveld was identified as having leukemia, her devastated parents had been hopeful. The fact of the matter is definitely it’s curable, her father Mark Schoneveld explained. There are a great number of cancers that are not curable.The FDA meeting may be the latest chapter in an ongoing safety review of NSAIDs that stretches back again to 2004, when Merck & Co Inc. Pulled its blockbuster suffering reliever Vioxx off the marketplace due to links to cardiovascular stroke and attack. Vioxx was part of a subset of newer NSAIDs designed to be less difficult on the stomach. However in the wake of the Vioxx recall, the FDA beefed up warnings about center safety dangers on all drugs in the course, including Motrin, Advil, Aleve and Celebrex.