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Based on the authors, the mechanisms underlying the association between brief sleep and coronary disease may include sleep-related disturbances in endocrine and metabolic features. The negative effects of sleep deprivation include impaired glucose tolerance, reduced insulin sensitivity, improved sympathetic activity and elevated blood pressure, all of which raise the threat of hardening of the arteries. Long sleep duration could be linked to an underlying sleep-related inhaling and exhaling disorder or poor rest quality.The expected numbers of new cancer situations and cancer deaths should be interpreted with caution because these estimates derive from statistical models and may vary considerably from season to year. Not all changes in malignancy trends could be captured by modeling methods and occasionally the model could be too sensitive to recent trends, resulting in over – or under-estimates. For these reasons, the estimates should not be compared from year-to-year to determine trends; age-standardized cancer death and incidence rates will be the best way to monitor shifts in cancer occurrence and death.