Doctors have to order tests to find out more.

Blood culture. A bloodstream culture may be ordered when a young child has symptoms of contamination — like a high chills or fever — and the physician suspects bacteria might have spread into the blood. A blood culture displays what type of germ is causing an infection, that may determine how it must be treated. Lead check. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all toddlers get tested for lead in the bloodstream at 1 and 24 months of age since young kids are at risk for lead poisoning if they eat or inhale particles of lead-based paint. High lead levels can cause stomach problems and headaches and have been associated with some developmental problems also. Liver function check. Liver function tests determine the way the liver is operating and look for any kind of liver harm or swelling.‘We welcome Aditi Systems into the BioIT Alliance and so are pleased to see the company buying Bio informatics space,’ said Les Jordan, Director Bio IT Alliance. ‘Aditi’s membership in the alliance brings brand-new intellectual capital to our collaborative effort and proceeds to build on the momentum that the alliance has established in this space.’ ‘BioIT is fascinating,’ stated Pankaj Jindal, President, Aditi Technologies. ‘We think that this partnership provides a winning proposition to all or any the stakeholders. Aditi’s best-of-breed product development capacity combined with rich domain expertise will provide our clients a unique and unbeatable value proposition.