First set up by Congress in September 1961.

Ask visitors and houseguests to keep purses, bags or coats that have medications in them up and aside and out of sight when they are in your house. Keep cleaning medicines and supplies locked up and from children. Call your local poison center immediately if a battery is missing from a plaything or other home item.’Every household should have the national Poison Help Collection contact number posted by the telephone,’ said Dr. Seaberg.’.. ACEP urges general public to learn how to prevent poison during 50th anniversary of NPPW The American College of Emergency Doctors urges the general public to learn how exactly to ‘prevent poison’ through the 50th Anniversary of National Poison Prevention Week , March 18-24, 2012.D., FACEP.Principal investigators must be current AACN users. All AACN research grant applications should be submitted by Oct on the web. 1, 2010. To learn more, including new award requirements and supporting documents, go to or org/grants Pamela Shellner, AACN clinical practice professional at 394-5995, ext.321.

4 Questions you ought to be asking about Hair Transplant? Dr. Rohit Nayyar answers all the questions inside our expert column. Get to know the basics of hair transplant. Three main factors behind hair loss are: * Aging aspect * Hormonal changes * Medical history With age, people tend to experience hair reduction, which can be common and natural. The nagging problem is when you experience hair thinning at young age.