I possibly could list 100 different uses for aluminum foil most likely.

A Faraday cage can protect your electronics from an EMP . Read this article[6] to find out more.Enhance Antennas. In case you have an old radio or Television with a traditional antenna, you can wrap a ball of foil around the ends to improve the reception. It will only help a little, but it might be enough.Signal for Help. If you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, you could use the reflective surface to signal a vehicle or plane in the length for help.Sharpen Scissors. Erase a sheet of foil and fold it in half several times, then start cutting. After some time, your scissors will be nice and sharp.Reflect High temperature.Where: McCormick Place West, Room 176b/c or on the internet at News briefing 4 When: Tuesday, November 3, at 12:00 p.m. ; 1:00 p.m. What: News briefing with live webcast from ASTRO’s 51st Annual Meeting. Study results previewed: Shorter radiation training course stops cancer development in high-risk prostate malignancy patients. Shorter radiation training course as effective as standard therapy for prostate malignancy recurrence. Where: McCormick Place West, Area 176b/c, or on the Web at How: To take part in the webcasts, go through the links above to view slides and listen to the audio of the conference live over the Internet.

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