If you are one of the unlucky types who did not escape unscathed.

This is often less effective than dermabrasion but is also less invasive. * Laser treatments – CO2 lasers can remove a few of the cells from the scars and can become targeted to the specific trouble areas. Many times a single treatment can do the working job. Redness, itching and burning up may be felt for weeks after getting the treatment. * Surgery – Surgery to get rid of scars often includes sutures or pores and skin grafts and is useful as a removal device for some ice pick scars. * Drugs – Keloids usually do not respond well to dermabrasion, laser surgery or treatments.According to Dr. Lucille, ‘during stress, the adrenal glands stockpile this antioxidant to protect against free-radical damage. However, ongoing tension depletes this vital nutrient from the adrenal glands.’ By the way, Dr. Lucille recommends at least 250 to 500 milligrams each day of supplement C for anyone concerned about the negative effects of tension and maintaining a clear mind. Sharpen your mind with chocolate and essential fatty acids Cocoa, the key ingredient in chocolate, is packed with brain-boosting antioxidants called flavonoids. Simply don’t go and purchase any brands filled with excess simple sugars, poor quality fat and nasty chemical substance additives. Scientific research demonstrates small amounts of chocolates, consumed on a regular basis, can improve blood circulation to the brain – which enhances memory and cognitive test scores.