It can be applied by you on the eyelashes to make them appearance fuller and more pronounced.

2 – Most ladies prefer to layer their lashes with 2-3 coatings so that the lashes look more emphasized and lend beauty to the facial skin. 3 – You ought to be very careful to see that not even a bit of mascara enters the eye. It is very harmful for the eye and in case of any problem; you should immediately thoroughly rinse your eyes. 4 – Four weeks is a very long time for just one pack of mascara to last. You should always replace the old pack with a new one every 4 months. 5 – Never utilize the old pack in the event you get hold of any optical eyes disease. The infection will go back to your eyes through the wand of the tube.Dry eyesight happens to be an underserved condition, with many sufferers not receiving adequate treatment from over-the-counter choices. Allergan is focused on expanding our product offerings in this category, and the development of OD-01, an intranasal neurostimulation gadget, is complementary to our market-leading dry attention treatment, Restasis®, as well as other dry eye products in development within our pipeline. The acquisition of Oculeve adds novel, complementary dry eye development applications to Allergan's current eye care research and development programs, including OD-01, a noninvasive nasal neurostimulation device that increases tear creation in patients with dry attention disease.