Many health specialists recommend juicing as a significant part of a healthy lifestyle.

The current Gerson therapy contains the intake of up to 13 daily cups of raw juices using carrots, apples and greens, along with three cooked vegetarian foods. Dr. Natasha Campbell, writer of Psychology and Gut Syndrome, recommends juicing as part of her dietary protocol to heal and detoxify those experiencing a range of ailments including autism, ADD, depression and schizophrenia. Authors Jordan Rubin, creator of Garden of Life raw food supplements, and Joseph Brasco, an integrative gastroenterologist, recommend juicing within their healing routine for intestinal diseases.Prespecified subgroup analyses of independently assessed progression-free survival were performed to determine the consistency of the procedure effect according to key baseline characteristics. Progression-free of charge survival as assessed by the investigator and general survival were analyzed with the same strategies as those used for the evaluation of independently assessed progression-free of charge survival. Adverse events had been evaluated descriptively in the safety population . Results Study Populace From February 2008 through July 2010 During the period, a complete of 808 patients had been enrolled at 204 centers in 25 countries; 406 were randomly designated to placebo plus trastuzumab plus docetaxel , and 402 to pertuzumab plus trastuzumab plus docetaxel .