Maria Grazia Revello.

We executed the trial at 11 centers in Italy. The study, which was supported by Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco in Rome completely,11 was authorized by the ethics committees at each participating center. Participants provided written educated consent before study entry. A contract analysis organization was in charge of the regulatory areas of the study, verification of source records, and monitoring of protection. Study End Points The principal end point was the amount of infected fetuses or newborns of mothers who received treatment with hyperimmune globulin as compared with the amount of infected fetuses or newborns of moms who received placebo.Predicated on new evidence, the task pressure concluded there’s insufficient evidence to recommend low-dose aspirin to prevent heart disease in people youthful than 50, or 70 and older. The draft recommendations also noted for the first time that aspirin taken up to prevent cardiovascular disease also appears to decrease risk of colon cancer. However, the duty force is not recommending that be utilized solely to prevent cancer of the colon aspirin, Owens added. We think for folks taking aspirin to prevent cardiovascular disease, there is an additional benefit for colorectal cancer security, Owens stated. We’re not recommending you consider aspirin for colorectal cancer if you’re not at risky for coronary disease. The task force recommendations only connect with people at increased risk for cardiovascular disease, not people who have had a heart attack or stroke and are trying to prevent a second episode, said Dr.