Obesity May Be Linked to Greater Risk of Stillbirth: FRIDAY.

The rate jumped to 17 per 1,000 births for obese women severely, the study revealed. Certain complications were much more likely to occur in obese women, the investigators found. These problems included high blood circulation pressure, placental disorders or diseases, fetal abnormalities, and umbilical cord abnormalities, the study said. Our wish is that work can be used to better counsel ladies on the need for a healthy pre-pregnancy excess weight, and monitor them for complications during pregnancy that may threaten the survival of their fetuses, Bodnar said. This research also could possibly be used to guide prevention attempts at a societal level, Bodnar contended.In the control group, intravenous infusion of the same level of placebo was repeated and administered after 48 hours. In Europe and Argentina, the active drug and placebo had been reconstituted by clinical staff by mixing normal saline with freeze-dried plugs of study product. Placebo was 0.2 percent albumin answer in normal saline. Both infusions looked identical, had been colorless, and frothed on agitation. In Australia and New Zealand, the pharmacy produced up either Intragam P or a placebo alternative . Tubing and Syringes had been masked with yellow-colored tape. The intravenous immune globulin or placebo was infused according to the manufacturer’s instructions over a period of four to six 6 hours. No further intravenous immune globulin or placebo could possibly be given following the administration of the two doses.