Other members of the consortium include Culture of Pediatric Nurses.

AACN endorses intraosseous vascular access Recognizing that IV use is not always optimal to provide patients with fluids and medications, the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses recently endorsed a consensus paper that recommends intraosseous vascular access in a variety of healthcare configurations Generic Flagyl . Other members of the consortium include Culture of Pediatric Nurses, Atmosphere & Transport Nurses Association and Crisis Nurses Association. The consortium explored evidence that supports use of IO access beyond its well-founded benefits in resuscitative settings to wherever vascular gain access to is medically necessary or difficult to accomplish.

Ric Weibl, director of the AAAS Center for Professions in Technology and Science, said that network networks create opportunities for scientists and students to communicate with colleagues beyond their disciplinary and institutional barriers. In the case of MySciNet, enabling these opportunities may also create connections that decrease the feeling of isolation often experienced by underrepresented minorities. ‘Building diverse networks is an invaluable skill that acts both the individual and science as entire,’ said Weibl. ‘Most of the biggest, most interesting research questions involve professionals from across technology and beyond one’s institutional or cultural identity group.’ Malcom added that the structure of modern scientific inquiry is built around a community working on a study question–the laboratory group, professional association, academic departments, or a summertime program.