Planned for completion by May 2010.

$5 million donation for Southampton Hospital to invest in a new Emergency Department Southampton Medical center announced today that Jenny and John Paulson have donated $5 million to fund a fresh Emergency Department drugstore . The present may be the largest in the Hospital’s history and will enable a healthcare facility to almost dual the prevailing space and greatly broaden its delivery of emergency care to citizens and visitors of the South Fork of Long Island. Planned for completion by May 2010, The Jenny and John Paulson Emergency Section will provide a centralized trauma nurses’ station and triage area, extended diagnostic and treatment areas, a ‘fast track’ area for less severe illnesses or injuries, and extra trauma and patient rooms, tending to substantially strengthen the department’s capability to serve individuals and their families.

There are few foods that you would love to eat throughout your pregnancy. Eating healthful food in what you eat is a must as the health of you and your baby shouldn’t be sacrificed at any point. In the event that you had an unhealthy diet earlier, try to have more calcium rich or protein rich diet now with all the current extra minerals and nutrients. So, following are the 5 foods which you can add to your daily diet for a healthier way of living: 1. Salmon: Omega 3 essential fatty acids are very best for your baby’s human brain and eyes. Salmon will complete this deficiency in your body.