On a related note, AMCP is helping amendments in the reauthorization of the National All Schedules Prescription Electronic Reporting Reauthorization Work that would allow managed care businesses to access prescription DMP data instantly. Currently, usage of prescription DMP data is definitely available and then prescribers generally, pharmacists, law and companies enforcement personnel. It is not open to managed care agencies, Medicare Part D plans, Medicare Advantage pharmacy and programs benefit management companies. Allowiing usage of the prescription DMP data source by these entities can help identify cases of inappropriate utilization or misuse, whereby these entities can implement systems to ensure appropriateness of the prescriptions prior to dispensing, Carden says. AMCP also is advocating for legislation that would help battle fraud and abuse in Medicare Part D by extending authority to the Section of Health insurance and Human Solutions Secretary to authorize the suspension of Component D claims predicated on a credible allegation of fraud.Here the threat to human lifestyle and property is highest and interaction with the surface can significantly affect the strength of the tornado; however, this portion of the flow is quite hard to measure in the field. Within a longstanding research effort using computer simulations to study tornado and tornado particles cloud dynamics, physics grad college student Michael Zimmerman and research professor David Lewellen of West Virginia University have recently been investigating surface area marks that simulated tornadoes keep behind as they move fine particles about. They hope to combine their estimates of near-surface area tornado sizes and wind speeds with Doppler radar data in the field to greatly help tornado experts acquire more-total measurements of tornado winds.