The foundation for the negotiations was the decision on advantage assessment by the Joint Government Committee dated 21 June 2012, in which the medication was thought to display indications of a slight added benefit. This is the next negotiation regarding this medicine and the new outcome reflects the influence of changes, in the interim period, to the framework upon which the reimbursement requirements are identified. New negotiations commenced because of Almirall issuing an orderly termination of the existing agreement as at June 2013. Farid Taha, controlling director of Almirall Hermal GmbH, and Johann-Magnus v. Stackelberg, deputy chairman of the National Association of Statutory MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE Funds, mentioned that the negotiations had been fair and constructive.The researchers used a sophisticated form of MRI to study a brain area referred to as the entorhinal cortex, which contains so-called grid cells. Those cells, Axmacher described, are important in spatial navigation – – one of the first skills to be fallible when Alzheimer’s begins. The team tracked activity in those grid cells as study participants navigated a virtual task that gauged their spatial memory: That they had to remember the spatial location of objects in a virtual arena, place individuals objects in the right place then.