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Gender difference endure in aldosterone’s effect on the heart as well. Among the many results of the Framingham Center Study, a long-term study of thousands of occupants in a Boston suburb, was that in females, higher degrees of aldosterone correlate with worsening enlargement of the pumping chamber of the heart. That will not mean aldosterone doesn’t impact a man’s heart in some way, but it’s not at all as direct an effect, says Dr. Dorrance. We are actually at the end of the iceberg, she says. Some scientists suspect the level of adolsterone receptors, not the hormone level, may be the true culprit. Either real way, there is small doubt aldosterone’s obscurity has ended. I think we are beginning an extremely complicated and terribly exciting 10 to 15 years of analysis as we make an effort to unravel what is happening and why, she says.We noticed a marked regional variation in event prices, with individuals in the placebo group who were enrolled in Russia or Georgia having a lower odds of a primary-outcome event than those enrolled in the Americas . This discrepancy in event rates with placebo was unexpected and is unexplained. However, it may reflect regional heterogeneity of coexisting practice and circumstances patterns,32-35 including differential use of hospitalization, along with the clinical challenges in diagnosing heart failure with a preserved ejection fraction.36 The discrepancy in event rates with placebo may have contributed to the observed treatment benefit in the Americas however, not in Russia or Georgia and the observed treatment benefit among sufferers signed up for the BNP stratum however, not among those enrolled in the hospitalization stratum .