Socorro Castro-Bernardini.

There were fewer deaths in the pirfenidone group than in the placebo group . The relative difference between treatment groups in the entire incidence of serious adverse events is less clear. If worsening of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is definitely counted as a detrimental event , there have been 55 patients in the pirfenidone group and 69 sufferers in the placebo group who got a significant adverse event. The most typical serious adverse event was worsening of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which was reported in 7 individuals in the pirfenidone group and in 27 patients in the placebo group.Efficacy The duration of progression-free survival was dependant on an independent radiology review committee in the first 375 patients who underwent randomization. The estimated median progression-free of charge survival was 7.4 months with cabozantinib and 3.8 months with everolimus. The rate of disease progression or loss of life was 42 percent lower with cabozantinib than with everolimus . The outcomes were very similar in a supportive evaluation involving investigator evaluation of progression-free survival .