There are number of addictions like exercise addiction.

Addiction Treatment Center Addiction is thought as the biological or psychological dependence of the physical body on any substance or an activity. Addiction is the highest degree of affinity for something which brings it to the idea of compulsive dependence virtually. What an addiction treatment center is aimed at doing is reduce this affinity steadily and step-by-step, in order to lower the person’s dependency on it and finally achieve complete recovery from the addiction. There are number of addictions like exercise addiction, nicotine addiction, video games addiction, internet addiction, Eve’s addiction, Adderall addiction, computer addiction, espresso addiction, videogames addiction, cell phone addiction and other such addictions which are milder in type.Furthermore, this parsimonious diagnostic signature measured in urine specimens acquired longitudinally from patients with regular allograft biopsies and from patients with clinically stable graft function was relatively flat and specific from the progressive increase seen in specimens from individuals in whom biopsy-confirmed severe cellular rejection developed later.6 Also, the elevated degrees of these mRNAs are in keeping with the part of cytotoxic T cells13 and chemokines14 in allograft rejection.