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If we can duplicate what we found in this animal study with the medication that reached Phase 3 human trials, we’re able to cut a decade from the usual drug development timetable,’ she says. Attempting to lessen amyloid deposition through cholesterol metabolism may have a special benefit over some other strategies, Kovacs notes. ‘Because secretases have normal features, secretase inhibitors need to be tailored to selectively stop amyloid-beta production. Since they do not affect secretases, ACAT inhibitors might have fewer side effects.’ Kovacs is an assistant professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical College.. A new method of controlling blood cholesterol levels may be a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease A new approach to controlling blood vessels cholesterol levels that’s currently being investigated to avoid cardiovascular disease also could be a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.Individuals should not be afraid to get help if they have a drinking problem, he said. Important thing: if one is consuming, they should never drive an automobile. They are placing innocent lives at risk. In the new research, a team led by CDC investigator Amy Jewett looked at 2012 data from an annual federal government survey. They discovered that around 4.2 million adults reported at least one alcohol-impaired driving show in the preceding thirty days, resulting in around 121 million episodes [per year].